Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Has Arrived!

Yesterday was the spring equinox. After a very mild February, our March has been quite cold, so it didn't feel very spring like. There have been lots of storms and a couple of hard freezes. Sadly the peach and blueberry crops have been heavily damaged. I was not able to save my blueberry bushes. I hope that perhaps they will make some more blooms, but this might be a year with no blueberries.

During one of the storm, a bird's nest was blown out of a tree. We have watched the birds make a home in this nest for several years, so it was sad it see if fall. The girls have enjoyed inspecting it to see the materials used and how the bird carefully wove the nest together. 

I purchased these microscopes a couple of months ago when they were on sale. They don't work as well as a large microscope, but work better than a magnifying glass. They are handy to carry around on walks so they can take a closer look at thing without having to remove them from nature. In these pictures the girls were inspecting pond water and dirt from the bottom of the pond.

Story of the Root Children is a lovely book for the first day of spring. The pictures are just beautiful. 

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