Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Nature Study

The Nature Connection is an interactive notebook that teaches children to use all five senses to explore the natural world. Children are given activities to do by the month. This is a great beginning book to teach the study of nature. Some of the activities for March include flying a kite, searching for bugs and learning to draw birds.

Not all the Spring creatures on our March checklist are out yet. Lucy found a small worm, but we weren't able to find a larger one. 

Lilly discovered a small centipede under a rock. It moves very fast so she put it in her bug jar so we could get a better look at it. 

 Our daffodils bloomed back in February since it was so warm, but these wild violets are the first little flowers we have spotted since the cold snap. The grassy bank leading down to the pond are covered in them.

To round out our nature study we will be using three of the One Small Square books and completing some of the Mystery Science courses.

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