Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ancient Sumer

I haven't been able to find a history curriculum I really liked, so I decided to attempt to create one for the girls. With the curriculum I had been using Lilly was studying medieval times and Lucy was getting ready to start ancient civilizations. Lilly didn't seem to be learning much and showed interest in ancient civilizations, so now they are both studying the same period in history, which makes it a lot easier when doing lesson plans.

Week One was ancient Sumer. I'm using Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia World HistoryKingfisher History EncyclopediaStory of the World: Volume 1, History Pockets and Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors

We started off the week making ziggurat pop-up cards.

 The girls made their own clay tablets for writing.

This craft was a huge hit.

 We ended the week eating some foods that the Sumerians might have eaten.

These were rolls modified from a recipe found on an ancient cuneiform tablet. 

A children's video about ancient Sumer.

The Epic of Gilgamesh sung in Sumerian.